Manufacturer Communications

Understand guidelines for how to communicate with 新英体育在线直播 and with the public regarding safety issues. Also search archives of existing communications.

Automated Vehicles

A Vision for Safety is the Department鈥檚 new, non-regulatory approach to promoting the safe testing and development of automated vehicles.

Early Warning Reporting

Manufacturers are required to submit certain information to 新英体育在线直播 related to vehicle safety issues and recalls.


Download data from 新英体育在线直播/ODI Databases.

Test Procedures
Laws and Regulations

新英体育在线直播 administers rules related to manufacturer information including reporting guidance.

Vehicle Modification

Information for manufacturers and modifiers on exceptions to the make inoperative prohibition.


Find media material for manufacturers as well as guidance on how to use 5-Star Safety Ratings in advertising.


新英体育在线直播鈥檚 Product Information Catalog and Vehicle Listing is a centralized source for manufacturer reported data.

Safety Recall Portal

Manufacturer access for viewing and reporting recalls. Also, sign up for an account.